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Pharmacology exam

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Posted:  18-Jan-2010 10:45
I am currently revision and trying to prepare for my last part of the course in particular the pharmacology & drug calculation exam. Does anyone have access to past papers or know of any websites where there are examples to give me an idea of what I need to be focusing on

Many thanks

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Posted:  20-Jan-2010 16:38
Hi cjc
I would speak with your principle tutor about this. surely they should provide you with access to the University web site where you can access these papers. I would recommended getting a copy of the oxford book of nurse prescribing this has lots of hints in regarding pharmacology its written by nurses!!, also a simple Nurses drug calculations book, there is another good book which has examples of drug calculations at the back its the Independant and Supplementary book of nurse prescribing...
Bon Bon

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Posted:  20-Jan-2010 21:41
I've just completed the course at the same uni as you cjc, the tutor told us they weren't allowed to show us past papers so as far as I know there arn't any on the uni web site.
Do other uni web sites have past papers on them?
The pharmacist and nurse tutors were the most helpful in giving us ideas on what to work on.

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Posted:  26-Jan-2010 09:45
Thanks Bonbon I have the 2 books you mentioned and had forgotten all about them, I have found some really useful stuff so thanks for the reminder.
Only a week away from the exam now and getting a bit nervous cant wait to finish this course I have hated every minute of it and given the chance again I would definately not put myself through this pergatory, well I guess we all live and learn lol

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Posted:  28-Jan-2010 10:05
Hi cjc
Good Luck I am taking final exam too next thursday, worried about the written essay dont know why, and learnt so much pharmacology but feel worried that I wont be able to answer the questions!
I agree too much work and so much to cram into really five and half months......
I have lived and breathed this course, oh for normality.
Bon Bon[:)]

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Posted:  02-May-2013 13:56
I have just brought a book, "Nurses! Test yourself in Non-Medical Prescribing, by Harris and Shearer, it has heaps of sample questions inside. I wish I brought it earlier as I have my exam next week!

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Posted:  08-May-2013 08:00
The New Prescriber covers the NMP syllabus and has self assessment questions in each section. Written by course tutors and was how I prepared for my exam.

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Posted:  08-May-2013 08:53
Hi cjc
My pharmacology exam is due on the. 23rd this month and I have been going through the past exam papers from my university and it's very helpful. I am your university should provide you with past exam papers
I am not very academic but I have been putting in all the hours and do one or papers every night and try and read the first few pages of the BNF as I find it. Has a lot of useful information.

Good luck

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Posted:  07-Sep-2013 19:22
advise on what to read before doing nurse prescribing course v150 at bolton any advise helpful

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Posted:  01-Jan-2015 15:09
Im due to start my V300 this month, I am worried about the exam is it true you have a maths test the first week, if so is it a variety of questions?[:o]

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Posted:  21-Feb-2016 16:27
Hi I am currently on wk5 of the v300 course & already having sleep less nights about the exam in May! Any top tips or practice exam papers would be soooo gratefully received.
My email is jaynethompson74@hotmail.com x
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