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Our forum provides a community of mutual support and advice and allows the sharing of best practice as well as the ability to share those light hearted moments.
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This is an alternative way to use the Nurse Prescriber Forum website. All you need to do is enter your postcode or address. This then allows you to access a map which is centered on your location. Your location is not visible to others unless you specifically allow it to be.. Note: the postcode entry will ignore the last 2 digits so you may find that the location is not exact but you can fine adjust the position of your location when you enter your location. You can delete, move or add locations (e.g. work or home) at any time by selecting Local/Modify Locations.

Nurse Prescriber Jobs

Each night we download any relevant jobs from various job boards to offer a one stop service to jobseekers
Jobs advertised directly on the site are
  • top listed on the job page
  • top listed on the jobpanel located on all the high traffic pages
  • emailed to all local members living within 25 miles of the job location who have registered for job alerts
  • shown on the maps in the Local and Jobs sections
You can search for jobs , add your CV, look at the advertising options or configure email alerts for new jobs or bank/locum opportunities

Links and Documents Section

( LADS )
If you are a registered member you can access our links and documents contributed by other members. You can search by category, keyword, free text, date and by member rating. You can add documents (protocols, photos etc), details of books and web links of interest to other members. It is also possible to rate and review any of these links and documents.

Forum Education Zone ( FEZ )

We also have a member contributed section of training resources. This contains details of various training providers and their courses. It also contains a directory of links to useful e-learning resources.


We also pubish occasional surveys of interest to members