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Hi guys. Just after a bit of advice. I am an independent prescriber and have been approached to prescribe Botox for qualified beautitiens. I'm just wo....
10 October 2012 05:22 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by yorkshiredevil - Topic read 26 times today (33 replies)
v300 past exam papers
Hi all, Portfolio done, exams in 2 weeks! Arhhg, have done one past paper but could with one Or two more, any one have any past papers at all? ....
14 April 2014 05:01 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by kellysaynor - Topic read 17 times today (1 replies)
Nurse/Midwife Prescribers Course
I am due to start the above course at Kings College in January and am getting increasingly stressed/anxious about getting through the course. I am ....
10 September 2012 10:36 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by flower2807 - Topic read 13 times today (17 replies)
Salary for a nurse prescriber
As a newly qualified Independent/sup... prescriber I have to have a meeting with senior partner and Practice manager re job description.I curre....
17 December 2009 03:02 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by n/a - Topic read 4 times today (7 replies)
Past Papers for drugs calculations
Hi, Does anyone have any that they could forward to me. I would be very grateful and thank you in advanced. My email address is vickibutler@vir...
18 September 2013 04:26 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by vicki2910 - Topic read 4 times today (4 replies)
I am a stop smoking advisor as well as prescriber. Over the last year or so a patient has come to the stop smoking clinic for 2 or 3 attempts, to stop....
28 February 2010 03:50 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by n/a - Topic read 3 times today (8 replies)
minor injury course
This maybe a repeat - still new to site Any one know of a good minor injury course in the East Midlands- LBR funded preferably- thanks maz and if fa....
27 April 2010 09:21 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by n/a - Topic read 3 times today (2 replies)
SWOT analysis
Hi all Me again! Have to do a SWOT analysis for nurse prescribing for the following 3 topics: Communication, Prescribing effectively and prescribi....
10 June 2010 01:37 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by JayJay - Topic read 3 times today (3 replies)
nurse prescribing course
about to start the course any advice from anyone? j
04 August 2010 10:18 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by n/a - Topic read 3 times today (39 replies)
OSCE exam
Hi I am half way through prescribing course and have OSCE exams coming up in a couple of weekends. My background is cardiology. Can anyone recommend a....
05 December 2010 04:08 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by kazbar - Topic read 3 times today (12 replies)
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2 new jobs this week
South East London • Practice Nurse Part Time - Manor Brook Medical Centre
Practice Nurse required for 16 hours per week at a thriving GP Surgery working as part of an integrated team in a purpose built surgery. Experience pr....
This job offer was posted by lindseywood 16 April 2014
North East Hampshire • Practice Nurse - Part Time - Milestone Surgery
PRACTICE NURSE (Part Time) Vacancy Milestone Surgery, Farnborough ... are looking for an experienced Practice Nurse to work between 12 and 16 hou....
This job offer was posted by pikehunter1511 14 April 2014
London • Practice Nurse - Lonsdale Medical Centre
We have an opportunity for an enthusiastic practice nurse to join our nursing team. You will be working within our dynamic, six partner training pract....
This job offer was posted by lonsdale1 10 April 2014
London • Practice Nurse / Nurse Prescriber - THE GROVE MEDICAL CENTRE
This job offer was posted by IRPL 02 April 2014
Nottingham • Nurse Practioner/Triage nurse
NURSE PRACTITIONER / TRIAGE NURSE Church... Medical Practice Nottingham NG6 0HD We are a 5 partner practice with 10,200 patients ....
This job offer was posted by juliefrankish 02 April 2014
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I am a fully qualified Nurse Prescriber (V300) with over 7 years experience in Aesthetics. I am willing to prescribe for any non prescribers who are ....
28 December 2013
I am looking for an Aesthetic Nurse Prescriber position in the Midlands. I have previous experience working for a well known cosmetic surgery group. ....
31 October 2013
Lancashire • Advanced Practitioner
I'm looking to gain some experience as an Advanced Practitioner / Prescriber within a Primary Care setting, either a GP practice or WIC / OOH centre. ....
13 August 2013
London and South East • RMN/Supplementary Prescriber
Locum work RMN with prescribing qualifications.
05 November 2012
Shropshire • Nurse Independent/ supplementary Prescriber
I am a Nurse Independent and Supplementary Prescriber (RMN). I have an extensive range of experience in various mental health settings include primary....
03 November 2012
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