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japanese encephalatis vaccine
hi i was wondering what other PNs /practices do when ordering /administering the JE vaccone.PSD/pri... script or FP10 ? with fee ? .look forward to y....
29 March 2011 07:43 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by n/a - Topic read 45 times today (3 replies)
V300 course
Hi does anyone know if you can self fund and get on the v300 course when just trained in Botox and fillers? The couple of university's I have spoke to....
10 June 2013 07:31 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by mcmillsa - Topic read 21 times today (16 replies)
Salary for a nurse prescriber
As a newly qualified Independent/sup... prescriber I have to have a meeting with senior partner and Practice manager re job description.I curre....
17 December 2009 03:02 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by n/a - Topic read 15 times today (8 replies)
Hi guys. Just after a bit of advice. I am an independent prescriber and have been approached to prescribe Botox for qualified beautitiens. I'm just wo....
10 October 2012 05:22 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by yorkshiredevil - Topic read 14 times today (33 replies)
indemnity again
AS a nurse prescriber my GPs(employers) indemnity will not add me to group scheme for free; and want 630 pounds for yearly indemnity. now im confused ....
20 August 2014 09:39 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by wotalaugh - Topic read 14 times today (6 replies)
nmp essays :-(
Hi there everyone. I'm on nightshift tonight and have just finished my 5th of 6 non medical prescribing essays. I'm just wondering how many words pe....
15 July 2010 04:11 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by nic0801uk - Topic read 10 times today (4 replies)
My exam is next month and I am really panicking!!!!!!... Can anyone out there give me an idea on what questions they had on the written exam and the....
05 May 2010 10:28 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by n/a - Topic read 8 times today (16 replies)
when do I get my pin?
Hi all, I successfully completed my v300 and got my results on 15th May, how long does it normally take to get your pin number so that I can legall....
10 June 2014 10:52 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by mpburrows - Topic read 7 times today (2 replies)
Nurse Prescribing Course
Does anyone know of a Nurse Prescribing Course that is able to be done online? I am a registered Health visitor but have been working for a small char....
03 October 2012 08:59 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by Ready - Topic read 6 times today (4 replies)
Nurse/Midwife Prescribers Course
I am due to start the above course at Kings College in January and am getting increasingly stressed/anxious about getting through the course. I am ....
10 September 2012 10:36 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by flower2807 - Topic read 5 times today (17 replies)
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4 new jobs this week
Bradford • Nurse Practitioner
A stimulating position has arisen for a full-time Nurse Practitioner in Bradford in a busy centre, conveniently situated within the Bradford ring road....
This job offer was posted by chasemedical 29 August 2014
Hemel Hempstead • Nurse Practitioner
A fantastic opportunity has opened for an enthusiastic and experienced Nurse Practitioner in the outer Hemel Hempstead area, offering part-time hours ....
This job offer was posted by chasemedical 29 August 2014
Dover, Kent • Practice Nurse - The High Street Surgery
Permanent part-time practice nurse required for a busy GP surgery in Dover. Duties to include chronic disease management (COPD and asthma), baby imms....
This job offer was posted by LorraineB 26 August 2014
East of England • Practice Nurse or Nurse Practitioner - Warden Lodge Medical Practice
Warden Lodge Medical Practice Glen Luce Cheshunt ... EN8 8NW WWW.WARD... are looking for an experienced Practice Nurse or....
This job offer was posted by helenmoth 26 August 2014
Gloucestershire • Practice Nurse - Brunston & Lydbrook practice
Part-time Practice Nurse Vacancy for busy four doctor practice at Coleford and Lydbrook in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire... in chronic d....
This job offer was posted by sheilabooth 18 August 2014
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I am a fully qualified Nurse Prescriber (V300) with over 7 years experience in Aesthetics. I am willing to prescribe for any non prescribers who are ....
28 December 2013
I am looking for an Aesthetic Nurse Prescriber position in the Midlands. I have previous experience working for a well known cosmetic surgery group. ....
31 October 2013
Lancashire • Advanced Practitioner
I'm looking to gain some experience as an Advanced Practitioner / Prescriber within a Primary Care setting, either a GP practice or WIC / OOH centre. ....
13 August 2013
London and South East • RMN/Supplementary Prescriber
Locum work RMN with prescribing qualifications.
05 November 2012
Shropshire • Nurse Independent/ supplementary Prescriber
I am a Nurse Independent and Supplementary Prescriber (RMN). I have an extensive range of experience in various mental health settings include primary....
03 November 2012
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