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V300 course
Hi does anyone know if you can self fund and get on the v300 course when just trained in Botox and fillers? The couple of university's I have spoke to....
10 June 2013 07:31 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by mcmillsa - Topic read 26 times today (17 replies)
NMP course
Hi, just after some advice....I'm currently working as a Practice Nurse and have started my journey into becoming a Nurse Practitioner. I've just rec....
19 July 2017 05:13 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by Zonoby - Topic read 18 times today (1 replies)
Hi guys. Just after a bit of advice. I am an independent prescriber and have been approached to prescribe Botox for qualified beautitiens. I'm jus....
10 October 2012 05:22 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by yorkshiredevil - Topic read 14 times today (39 replies)
Exam papers V300 NMP
Hi all Im sending out an SOS. I really need some help getting hold of some past exam papers for the V300 NMP course. I have hit panic stations and ....
09 April 2016 02:02 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by Cherylw - Topic read 12 times today (9 replies)
Nurse/Midwife Prescribers Course
I am due to start the above course at Kings College in January and am getting increasingly stressed/anxious about getting through the course. I am ....
10 September 2012 10:36 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by n/a - Topic read 8 times today (18 replies)
My exam is next month and I am really panicking!!!!!!... Can anyone out there give me an idea on what questions they had on the written exam and the....
05 May 2010 10:28 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by n/a - Topic read 7 times today (20 replies)
Prescribing in pregnancy
Whilst doing the NMP course I contacted the NMC for advice regarding prescribing in pregnancy. The answer came on 28th March. [url=...
12 April 2012 09:01 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by moggy1 - Topic read 7 times today (26 replies)
I have passed - yippee
I am so giddy with excitment - just found out that I have passed my independent nurse prescribing course. It is such a relief but feels surreal at the....
23 March 2011 08:19 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by kazbar - Topic read 6 times today (6 replies)
nmp essays :-(
Hi there everyone. I'm on nightshift tonight and have just finished my 5th of 6 non medical prescribing essays. I'm just wondering how many words pe....
15 July 2010 04:11 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by nic0801uk - Topic read 5 times today (5 replies)
Salary for a nurse prescriber
As a newly qualified Independent/sup... prescriber I have to have a meeting with senior partner and Practice manager re job description.I curre....
17 December 2009 03:02 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by n/a - Topic read 4 times today (13 replies)
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