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Exam papers V300 NMP
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Posted:  09-Apr-2016 14:02
Hi all
Im sending out an SOS.
I really need some help getting hold of some past exam papers for the V300 NMP course. I have hit panic stations and could really use your help.
My email address is Archieleila@gmail.com if anyone can help me

Thank you xx

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Posted:  13-Apr-2016 07:44
sent you ours from UWE 2013


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Posted:  14-Apr-2016 13:14
We had a mock one yesterday, and the questions were along the lines of:-
Name 2 drugs with a narrow therapeutic range
Name 4 pharmodynamic methods
Explain NTI
Explain Bioavailability
Name 2 factors which affect Absorption, using drugs from you formulary give and example.
And they were some about enzyme inhibitors and inducers and their effects using drug examples
Questions about when to use a yellow card

Most of ours are simple short answers questions, plus 5 MCQ's and 5 calculations.

We weren't given past papers as the same type of questions come round often.
Hope this helps.

4 Posts

Posted:  18-May-2017 14:24
Hi All
I am taking my applied pharmacology exam at uwe in just 6 short weeks. Ive worked my butt off so I have this 6 weeks free to focus on the exam. I have all the other work done and completed.

Im really nervous about the exam, I would be so so grateful if anyone has any past papers that they would so kindly share with me, and any advice!

4 Posts

Posted:  18-May-2017 14:26
Janey01 could you send me yours from 2013? x

7 Posts

Posted:  01-Jun-2017 13:18
Hi Janey01, I'd be so grateful if you'd send me a copy of your past paper from 2013

51 Posts

Posted:  01-Jun-2017 14:45
Samantha if you email me i will attach to a email. janelaferla@gmail.com


1 Posts

Posted:  21-Jul-2017 16:09
hi All
am struggling to structure concise short assignment on meeting NMC requirements like clinical pharmacology and applied science Learning outcomes. kindly help and other standards


8 Posts

Posted:  21-Jul-2017 18:40
I have just completed my pharmacology exam and most of the questions at level 7 were scenario based needing clinical reasoning. Like patient x is African on a calcium channel blocker is not tolerating this. What drug would you consider next.
You are allowed to take the BNF in so I advise you tag it and highlight important areas as most of the answers are in the BNF. Good luck

1 Posts

Posted:  03-Aug-2017 13:15
I would be really grateful if anyone could send me their past papers so I can revise for the exam. Eternally grateful to anyone that can help. My email is info@iuvenisaeathetics.co.uk x

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Posted:  27-Aug-2017 10:44
Morning everyone[8D] I have just joined, i am a film nurse. I use a private doc for prescribing so i think this course would be great! Would love a bit of help with the revision if anyone can send me some info to natashahook@me.com Thank you in advance! Tasha [^]

1 Posts

Posted:  04-Sep-2017 20:12
Hi I have failed my pharmacology exam😭 And I desperately need some old exam to practice my way of writing to fulfill the requirements, I feel I have studied but when I want to write it down i get stuck, please help😨

4 Posts

Posted:  31-Jan-2018 09:14
Dear colleagues, please forward me any old question/exam papers. It would be greatly appreciated to michael.tidy1@nhs.net[:)]

2 Posts

Posted:  02-Feb-2018 12:28
Pharmacology exam in less than 1 week and I would really appreciate some old exam questions, please! bogdanius@yahoo.com
Many thanks!

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Posted:  11-Mar-2018 19:21
Hello is anyone please able to send me past numeracy and pharmacology papers please?

I have done the 2 past tests the University have provided lots of times, so would really appreciate some fresh ones if possible please!!

Thanks - please send to aljackson78@yahoo.co.uk


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